About our recordings

The secrets of our soothing sounds

It all started at home

We developed little sleepyhead to help our own children get to sleep. We’re proud that our CDs and mp3 downloads are now used by thousands of other parents, by midwives and in hospitals.

Our recordings are proven to be effective time and again, and have been tested by George and his band of little helpers.

The specific sounds we select are chosen for their effectiveness in helping infants to sleep and for their ability to mask other sounds that can wake a baby.

Calming and consistent

Every track on the little sleepyhead CD and each downloadable mp3 captures the calming and consistent background of a familiar household sound. The tracks on the CD each run for eighteen minutes – long enough to comfort even the most stubborn baby. They all fade in and out smoothly so you can leave a CD player on repeat play. The mp3 downloads can also be looped for continuous soothing play.

Pure and digital

Whether you choose a CD or our new mp3 downloads, your will enjoy pure digital recordings that capture the soothing essence of familiar household sounds. Unlike some manufactured relaxation tapes our recordings are not coloured by electronically-generated noise, music or synthetic enhancement. There’s no artificial ‘womb music’ on our recordings, just pure familiar sounds to calm a baby to sleep naturally.

Acoustically controlled recordings

We capture the sounds of each household appliance in an acoustically-controlled environment to ensure a pure recording that contains no sudden noises or unnerving jumps in sound level. We use the same sensitive microphones favoured by world-class recording studios to capture the delicacies of orchestral string arrangements and we record direct to digital for the purest, cleanest sound possible.

Experience and expertise

little sleepyhead’s Stephen Martin, a qualified sound recordist with more than twenty years experience working in sound, oversees every recording session to ensure the highest standards of audio fidelity and consistency.

We have also introduced some natural atmospheres captured by sound recordist Steve Gough. Steve’s background in film and editing means he has an ear for truly atmospheric and captivating sounds.

Sony quality control

Our CDs are mastered using our proprietory “Masqimum” spectral density control which further enhances the consistency and masking effect of the sounds. The discs are then pressed by Sony in the same facilities they use for classical music CDs.

We’re proud to be only baby sleep CD using Masqimum technology and the first to be able to bring its advantages to you and your baby.