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Christmas deliveries for 2015

Pretty lights in the garden

Here at little sleepy headquarters we’ve been looking at the calendar, trying to dicipher the mood music coming from the Royal Mail and second-guessing the needs of customers like you.

Generally our customers are extremely well organised and get their Christmas orders in by mid December. Some, however, only find us just days before Christmas and still want to get their CDs in time too.

It’s a tough judgement to find an appropriate last orders date that promises to look after as many customers as possible but that doesn’t leave anybody disappointed. And, of course, whatever we decide, last minute deliveries are always at the mercy of the weather and the seasonal pressures on the Royal Mail.

This year, we’re saying we’ll guarantee Christmas delivery for orders received on or before by Saturday 19 December.

It’s quite possible that later orders will still reach you and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure they do. If you’re in any doubt just give us a call on 0845 868 2414 and we’ll try to give you a specific indication of the likelihood of reaching your particular area.

A good CD player

David in Wiltshire asked us an interesting question last week:

“I have just purchased a sleepy head cd and would now like to purchase a portable cd player with a repeat play facility (specifically for playing this cd) and wondered if you could recommend one with a good repeat function so that we could leave the player running for a number of hours.”

We have previously had good reports of Sony players so we found this item which matched David’s budget of £50 and, crucially, has a loop facility for both the individual track you prefer or indeed the whole disc.

The other very important consideration when choosing a CD player for white noise is to ensure the loudspeakers can reproduce a wide range of frequencies.

It is the presence of consistent sound energy at low, mid and and high frequencies that helps makes our recordings so effective in masking distractions.

So avoid players with very tiny speakers and no bass port. This Sony unit has what they call a Bass Reflex System which helps add to the richness of the sound and hence the effectiveness of your little sleepy head CDs.

So how did David get on? Well, he writes:

“I have now received this Sony player and have used it in conjunction with your Sleepy Head CD and am very pleased with the result. Most importantly our baby boy (also called George) is perfectly happy with the sound.”

Brilliant. Thanks David, and if you have any questions about getting the best from the little sleepy head CD then we’re all ears…

New – downloadable mp3s

Downloads for your laptop, tablet, computer or personal digital audio player.

Today we’re introducing a new way to get the soothing effect of little sleepyhead recordings.

Following requests from customers in the UK and around the world we’ve produced a selection of high-quality familiar household sounds as downloadable mp3 audio files.

Our new audio mp3s are simple to use and virtually instant to download.

Each mp3 file contains a continuous 30 minute recording of a proven, effective household sound.

Whether your baby prefers the dishwasher, the tumble dryer (like George) or the fan heater you can choose just the sounds you want and receive your downloadable files within minutes. Download today and be sleeping better tonight.

The high-quality mp3 files will play on a laptop, a tablet such as the iPad, a desktop computer and any mp3 digital audio player like an iPod, iPhone or Zune. You can even loop them for continuously soothing all-night background sound.

Loudspeakers are best

If you have a docking station for your mp3 player then you’ll enjoy the full richness of our digital recordings from its loudspeakers. We recommend using good quality loudspeakers to get the maximum effectiveness from our recordings.

There are six different sounds to choose from at just £2.99 each and each one has been recorded and produced to the same exacting audio standards as our famous and successful CD.

Do try out some of the sounds and let us know how you and your baby get on with them. We always love to hear great stories of success from our customers.

NB – you won’t need us to point this out but, just in case it crossed your mind, never put a mobile phone near a baby’s head and never put headphones or earphones onto a baby. That’s why we always recommend loudspeakers.

We’ll help anyone sleep

You’d be surprised at the people who need a little extra help with their sleep.

Adults, babies and children alike find the little sleepyhead CD can make a huge improvement to their sleep.

Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep so if you know someone who has trouble getting to sleep you can send them one of our CDs as a present.

Just let us know it’s a gift when you buy and, if you like, we can send it directly to them accompanied by a personal a message from you.

PayPal and credit cards

Very occasionally, our secure payment processor, PayPal, will indicate that you cannot use a particular credit card for your transaction.

This is a known issue which has been reported online widely but, for reasons of security we assume, has not been fully explained by PayPal.

If this happens to you, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that your card is faulty or that your life savings have been hijacked by nefarious pranksters.

One reason for it could be that your card is associated with a PayPal account and in this case it would be easiest to pay from your PayPal account.

If you don’t wish to do that there are two other things you can to get around it:

1. Use a different card if you have one.


2. Call us on 0845 868 2414. We have other ways to organise payment and get you your CDs quickly.

Postal costs

This week the Royal Mail is raising its prices for UK postage by around 30%. Naturally, we’ve been looking at how this affects us at little sleepy head.

The good news is that we’ve decided to leave our prices exactly as they are for now.

It’s a bit more complicated for us than for many businesses because we’re based in Guernsey so we will be keeping a close watch on the situation.

We always aim to pass-on the best possible value to you but if you want to guarantee that you get your CD at the current low price than now would be an excellent time to order.

In the Mirror

It seems we’re in the tabloid press, and for all the right reasons.

The Daily Mirror has compiled a special feature on sleep and has chosen our CD as one of its featured products.

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