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We’re very proud to have secured endorsements from Practical Parenting, The Daily Mirror and Prima Baby and the Mumsnet community but nothing makes us happier than receiving your own wonderful stories about life with our CDs.

Here’s a selection of lovely things written by our equally lovely customers (and their parents). You can contact us too.

Reflux recovery
I’m emailing to say thank you so very much for inventing the little sleepyhead CD! Our baby suffers from reflux and when she was around six weeks old, bedtime started becoming a nightmare with her crying for hours on end. Our GP recommended a white noise CD and we found you through Google.

The transformation has been amazing. Our baby now goes to sleep as soon as the CD starts playing and carries on sleeping once it has finished.

Thank you so very much for helping our baby and saving our sanity, I don’t know what we would have done without it and I am recommending it to all our friends.

Best wishes,

Lucy Meagher, Sheffield

Another scientific discovery from Cambridge
I’m emailing to say thank you so very much for inventing the little sleepy head CD. I never thought I would use white noise to get a baby to sleep until I had Patrick (my third child). He was a nightmare! He cried inconsolably all the time, would never settle himself to sleep, and was driving me to complete despair. Then I noticed how relaxed he became when listening to me dry my hair, and so I found myself on the internet searching for a safe way to get white noise at the press of a button. What a relief! Your CD made my life bearable again! Patrick is now 1 year old, and remains instantly pacified by the tracks. If he wakes in the night, he will settle very quickly providing I play his CD. We even took the CD on holiday with us!

I’m about to purchase a second copy to give to his childminder, as I’m
back to work part-time next week. I am recommending the CD to all parents who suffer from colicky or unsettled babies.

The discovery of your CD was one of my break through moments! He’s asleep to track 2 as I write!!

Helen Lancaster, Cambridge

Now that’s magic
You really should re-name this CD to “The Magic Disc”. I purchased the CD for my first grandchild Martha who was born on 1st July 2007.

Her parents have said they wouldn’t know what to do without it!! I have experienced the magic too when I have visited at bed time.

I have now purchased a second CD to send to family in the Republic of Ireland as they are expecting twins in the next few weeks.

Once again, Thank You Thank You Thank You

Ann Lyttle, West Yorkshire

Thanks so much for this CD my daughter has found it most useful in helping to get Toby off to sleep! She has told others in her group about it.

Thank you,

Ann Applegate

Neighbours from Hull
Thanks very much for your excellent service. I’ve already used the CD and found it very effective. I have a noisy neighbour, who regularly keeps me awake at night. I’m sure there are residents from noisy housing estates all over the country who could put your CDs to good use!

Andy, Kingston-upon-Hull

I received your CD last week and wanted to thank you as it has saved my sanity! I have never been able to put my daughter, now 5 months, to sleep without rocking/feeding her and for the first time I put her down for an afternoon nap, which she always has lying on me, in her cot with the CD on. She gurgled for a few minutes and it went quiet. I went in the nursery to check she was alright and she was fast asleep.

I was also having problems weaning her as she was always too tired to take her baby rice, so hopefully the CD has saved this problem too!

Kind regards,

Michelle Ashley-Russell, Bangor, Down

A twin win
We were at our wits end when our Community Nurse suggested your CD for our colicky daughter Isabelle. The crying and waving arms stopped within minutes as she dropped off to sleep.

We can’t thank you enough for the way it calmed her down and she particularly likes the hoover and tumble dryer tracks. Her twin brother Louis is also relieved that he can get a good nights sleep now. Thanks again.

Ruth Bastian, Wargrave, Berkshire

Maisie’s music
Thank goodness I found your website and purchased the CD. Prior to this we were spending a small fortune on electricity to have the washing machine on endlessly throughout the day and hairdryer during the evening!

Initially she would wake up as soon as we turned the CD off and we had it on constant repeat, but now she has the fan heater noise on for 18 minutes and that is enough for her to remain asleep throughout the night. My friends cannot believe how instant an effect track 4 has!

Now “maisie’s music” is the first thing that is packed on any weekends away!

Karen Humes, Preston

Our best seller cures a yeller
Thank you for producing and sending us our copy of the CD. The very first time I put it on (while Joseph was yelling) he stopped instantly – it was really funny to see such an immediate response and a welcome relief. It has also helped get him off to sleep at night since. No baby should come without one!!!

Thanks again,

Katie, Mark and Joseph

Lasts for 800 miles
I don’t know how it works but it does – instantly! Our daughter, now 3 months, has always had problems napping in the day, and absolutely hates being in the car. I need to play the tumble dryer track for less than a minute before she drops off, it’s incredible. We have just come back from a self-drive skiing holiday – 800 miles in two days – without the CD we would have all gone insane, but a quick blast of tumble dryer every now and then made the journey very easy. I have just ordered another CD to keep in the car and one as a present for a newborn – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it far more than a cute babygro!

Liz Mitchell, Sheffield

Sound asleep
Thank you for the prompt delivery of my sleepy head CD. Our little boy Harrison (4 weeks old) always calms down to the sound of a hairdryer, so your CD is a godsend!

Thanks again and we will definitely recommend you to other new parents!!!

Louise Harrand, York

Another fan
Just wanted to say thank you for the CD which seems to have worked a treat. Little Francesca (nearly 9 months) has had a pattern of really good nights recently. She is listening to the ‘fan heater’ track on repeat at night.

She was born in the height of summer and got used to having an electric fan going in her room to keep her cool. However this was not ideal come winter time as we had to have the heating coming on and off through the night to maintain an ideal temperature.

She is a very busy baby and can’t bear to miss anything and so needs something to block out random sounds during the evening and the CD seems ideal. I think she finds it very soothing.

I hope many more people can take advantage of this great product – I will certainly spread the word.

Kind regards,

Emma Mileham, Ian Mileham and Frankie Rose, Northampton

Evenings returned to rightful owner
I received my little sleepy head CD some weeks ago and I would just like to say that it was the best purchase I have made. My daughter Emma who is now 14 weeks old calms right down when it is played at nap times and bed time and she is asleep in minutes. it has worked from the first time it was played to her and I cannot praise it enough as it means my husband and I have got our evenings back!!

I have recommended little sleepy head to all my friends and even to my
health visitor.

Thank you,

Jackie Patterson, Coleraine

Fractious bunny tamed
Thanks for your quick delivery of the Sleepy Head CD – peace has now been restored to the household!

Beth, now 7 weeks old, is a fractious little bunny at nap time but once swaddled and laying face down in our arms (don’t ask me why this works!) she has dropped off by the end of the first track!…

…she particularly likes the washing machine track when she’s putting up a fight. Thanks again for the CD and your speed of service,

Rosie Pickerill, Twickenham

A doctor writes…
There would seem to be very little doubt that this works. I am sure that there will be a lot of grateful mums and dads out there who will appreciate the extra sleep.

Dr Ian Gee, family GP, St Peter Port

It works at home and in the car
I ordered your CD a few weeks ago to try and help our little girl, Jessica, sleep during the day as she was refusing to have naps. She would also wake easily once she had gone to sleep.

The CD has helped, particularly track 4, the electric fan. It also helps her to calm down if upset in the car. I have attached a photo of her asleep in the car for inclusion on the website if possible!

Many thanks!

Jane Pope and Jessica, Hassocks

Why spend hundreds on a white noise machine?
Thank you for sending the CD so quickly… it works! I’ll be telling my baby massage group on Friday! I ordered it to replace my ‘white noise box’ that had broken and my hairdryer (!) which was both too hot and too dangerous especially when tired in the middle of the night. Anyway, pleased to say my 12 week old twins are sleeping soundly (particularly thanks to the vacuum cleaner noise which is the nearest to the hairdryer).

Thanks again! Kind regards,

Joanne, Spalding, Lincolnshire

From screaming banshee to Rip van Winkel!
You very kindly sent me a copy of your CD for my 3-month old daughter, Antonia. It was fantastic! She went from a banshee to Rip Van Winkel in no time. I am recommending it to all my friends. Good luck with your venture.

Yours sincerely,

Vanadis Klovekorn-Ward, Farnham

Bliss this house
What bliss to find something that seems to really help settle our baby and to keep him asleep, especially in a noisy household like ours.

Mrs Green, Castel, Guernsey

Wonderful! Wonderful! Thank you so much.

Jade Chapman, Prestbury

Success in six weeks
Hi there – I bought your CD about six weeks ago and wanted to let you know that it has been a real success. I use it whenever Alex is overtired and upset and it sends him off to sleep!

I have also posted information for other mums on a mum’s club website I use occasionally as other mums seem unable to get their babies settled, particularly during the day for naps.

Best wishes,

Moyra Healy, Edinburgh

Tuesday’s child is… asleep!
CD arrived on Tuesday, Many thanks. Child is sleeping well with it, Great
Job, thank you.

Jackie Patterson, Coleraine

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